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"Tourism Hollywood During four days"         Darja Juzbasic, Croatia  -  "The Film Festival with the most originally designed awards"         "One of the greatest tourism film festival of the world"         Dimas Gonzlez, Spain  -  "Encuentro profesional en ambiente familiar"         Maria Brenner, United States of America  -  "ART&TUR provided a truly enjoyable, collaborative experience where I learned a lot, and felt like a valued participant."         Stefan Gadd, Sweden  -  "The festival combines high professional quality with a relaxed and familiar atmosphere"         Jonathan Reap, United States of America  -  "an incredible opportunity to discover northern Portugal"         Uldis Cekulis, Latvia  -  "keeps your mind busy to explore"         Mariana Pote - Portugal  -  "Uma semana cheia de actividades interessantes num stio maravilhoso"         Entries for the 2012 edition is now open!        


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Latest films submitted

Where History Meets Youth

Bruno Jos Loureiro Figueiredo

Castelo de Torres Vedras - Nos alvores da idade moderna

Mrio Rui Costa Ferreira dos Santos

Colombia is Magical Realism, Amiability

Juan Carlos Beltrn

Corridos, Sones, and Passions

Carlos Gonzles

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