ART&TUR Festival aims, Display, promote and reward the best national and international audiovisual works that play an important role in the promotion of destinations, products, services, culture and its people. The international Jury of the festival awards the following Trophies:
  • Grand Prix for the Best Film
  • Grand Prix for the Best Portuguese Film
  • The Best Commercial for the Best Commercial 
  • The Best Promotional for the Best Promotional or Corporate film 
  • The Best Documentary for the Best documentary 
  • The Best Tv Program for the Best Television Program or Report
  • The Best Tourism Campaign for the Best Audiovisual Tourism Campaign
  • The City of Vila Nova de Gaia Award
  • The Best Ibero-American Film for the Best Film about an Ibero-American Country
  • The Best Asian Film for the Best Film from Asia Countries


  • 1st Place: to the Best Film in each category on National and International Competition
  • 2nd Place: to the finalists in each category on National and International Competition

The Jury may attribute additional Awards. At its discretion, the jury may award prizes "ex aequo".


Each year several artisans are invited to reproduce, through their hands and clay,  different ART&TUR Festival trophies, creating a perfect symbiosis between the figurative and audiovisual, preserving the authenticity of cultural identity and values with creativity and innovation. 

The small pieces made by hands of the past, are now a cultural manifestation that come through generation to generation as heritage and identity of the nation. The production of this art identity took the artisans to recreate reality and give wings to the emergence of an imaginary of such importance that in addition to portray their way of thinking, feeling, living and the evolution of a community, still represents the everyday each time. It was through this production that was created the most popular symbols of Portugal – O Galo (rooster) and Barco Rabelo (Oporto wine boat). Both holds the rule of ambassadors of Portugal, and also reveals a unique cultural and artistic identity. This identity strengthened in 2008 with the emergence of ART&TUR Festival to use these pieces as Trophies.

The strong international nature of the Festival and the continuing involvement of government representatives from different countries, come to provide favorable conditions for the expansion of the arts and the Portuguese culture, either by trade, either by cultural means.

In 2012, a strategic partnership was celebrated with Paraguay, which essentially aims to strengthen cultural ties between the two countries. From that partnership, the ART&TUR organization decided to adopt of the most representative symbols of Guaraní culture, Picha'I Chicken, as a trophy to distinguish the best Latin American film, a prize that has remained ever since.

In the town of Itá, Paraguay, a family of potters maintain traditional work with clay, which has been inherited from generation to generation. It was Mrs. Marciana Ark Rojas, who created the famous gallinas de la suerte (lucky chicken) from a miraculous vision of the Virgin of Caacupé. Later she baptized them as the lucky chickens: white for love and black for money. 

To make these lucky chickens, the craftsman kneads the clay and shapes a vase, shaving with rustic tools to form the picha'i chickens, then they are cooked in tatakuá (clay oven) and finally painted in black with white spots or white with black spots.
Currently, Mrs. Marciana Arca Rojas is 86 years old, which along with her descendants (children, grandchildren and nephews) continue the tradition and art of modeling clay out to proceed the development of popular Paraguay ceramics, which had its origin in indigenous art.